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Face Spa Membership

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Why a membership?  To save you time and money, let us organise your skin health for you, you will get reminders of your appointments and that's it, it's set and forget, just 6 months of gorgeous glowing skin.

For consistent and improved results, we recommend starting two weeks apart for the initial two and then monthly after that. We will coordinate with you when you want to book in, you can change appointments with prior notice. 

We have Platnium and  Gold options

Platinum  2hrs  prebooked every month for 5 months, for complete face maintenance.

Dermaplane to remove the peach fuzz and leave your skin silky smooth
Hydrafacial, to infuse and rejuvenate
Plumping Mask with Electroporation
Brow and Lash tint and tidy
Full body LED Red & Near-infra redlight therapy. (you know how it regenerates the face imagine what that does to your body)

(20 x weekly payments of $99.80: $500.00 saving)

Gold  1.15mins prebooked every month for 5 months
Hydrafacial to regenerate and rejuvenate
LED phototherapy for face

(20x weekly payments of $50.16, $250 saving)