Why do we need Oxygen?

Why do we need Oxygen?

Oxygen is a byproduct of the body's metabolism. Our bodies use oxygen to produce energy in our cells, and that's why we need it to live.

Oxygen. It's what makes up about 21% of the air we breathe and is essential for life. It's also the key to healing, fighting disease, and increasing our energy levels. While oxygen can be found in many forms, it can be especially beneficial when inhaled through EWOT or HyperMax Oxygen Therapy. What exactly are the benefits of this therapy? Well, read on!

Oxygen is essential for life.

When you breathe in, oxygen travels through your mouth and nose through the trachea (windpipe) to the lungs. In your lungs, oxygen is picked up by tiny blood vessels called capillaries. The capillaries carry the blood with oxygen to all parts of your body via your heart.

In every cell in our bodies, we need oxygen for respiration or breaking down food molecules into energy (ATP). Without enough oxygen we can't make enough ATP to live so it's vital that we get enough!

Oxygen provides our body with energy.

Oxygen is a byproduct of the body's metabolism. Our bodies use oxygen to produce energy in our cells, and that's why we need it to live. Oxygen is one nutrient that helps us function properly—it even plays a role in memory formation and other cognitive processes!

As you may remember from biology class (or if you're like me and your high school experience consisted solely of remembering how much money you could get for selling your textbooks), there are many different types of cells in our bodies. In order for these cells to function properly, they need a constant supply of nutrients from outside sources such as food or water. If those sources aren't available then energy production goes down because there aren't enough nutrients coming into these cells!

Oxygen is used to heal our wounds and fight disease.

  • Oxygen is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • When the body is inflamed, it sends blood to the affected area, which brings oxygen and nutrients along with it. This prevents further damage from occurring as well as helping to repair damaged tissue and regenerate healthy cells. This process can be speed up by increasing your intake of fresh air and moving around more often!
  • Oxygen also contains anti-bacterial properties that help fight off infections.
  • When you're sick or injured, use your body's resources wisely by limiting activity so that you don't increase inflammation or make yourself more susceptible to infection; taking deep breaths will also keep your immune system strong! It's important not just for disease prevention but recovery too; studies have shown that patients who were given supplemental oxygen during their hospital stay recovered faster than those without.*

Increase your oxygen intake with HyperMax Oxygen therapy.

 Hyper Max Oxygen Therapy utilizes EWOT, this is Excersising with oxygen therapy. This method of breathing  96% pure filtered oxygen through a mask while on a exercise bike super saturates the plasma which drives more oxygen into the tissues 3 x times the amount we would get from normal breathing. The normal amount of oxygen you breath is just 21% . 

Apart from the fact you are physically exercising Oxygen therapy also helps the body to increase metabolism and fat burning.

Ewot Benefits include:

  • Immunity is improved
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Increases athletic recovery.
  • Accelerates metabolism, burn up to 30% more calories.
  • Speedier recovery from stress-related illnesses.
  • Increases oxygen to more youthful levels
  • Reduces age-related diseases

To maintain optimal health, we must increase our oxygen intake.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, is a type of treatment that uses 100% oxygen at an increased pressure to increase the amount of oxygen that gets into your body. This can be done in several ways—in a pressurized chamber, with special face masks and other equipment.

There are many benefits to increasing your body's level of oxygen intake in this way. Studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help treat:

  • burns
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • radiation sickness (from cancer treatments)
  • decompression sickness (also known as "the bends")
  • infections caused by fungi or bacteria


You’ve learned about the importance of oxygen for our body and brain, and how we can increase our intake by breathing in fresh air or taking pure oxygen therapy. Oxygen is a key component to feeling energized and healthy. It keeps us alert, prevents illness, and helps us recover from any injuries or diseases. By increasing our oxygen intake, we can live longer and happier lives. So get out there today with some deep breaths!